Ways to Support Your Employees During the Lockdown

A lot of changes have occurred resulting from the quarantine and lockdowns imposed by the COVID19 pandemic worldwide, and working from home has become the new normal for most of us. Most companies are therefore compelled to support their employees in this time of crisis, as employees are an indispensable part of their business.

This type of new normal is really “new” to most, although it is already part of my life already as an online freelance writer to work and get paid remotely using just my laptop. Others are forced to adapt to this new lifestyle even though some still prefer the office setup. There are ways though that companies do to help their employees transition to the virtual or remote work setup.

Below are some of the ways to help and support your employees:

Set Up Technology First

Modern tools such as cloud telecommunication and VoIP technology keep employees closely interconnected in the remote workplace. Working remotely was made possible by the internet, VoIp Service Providers, and other systems and these must be made setup or arranged properly with the employees. Much more so when your staff is now working from home that remotely technology has become more necessary. Technology such as:

  • High-speed internet
  • Phone lines
  • Video conference tools
  • VPN
  • Desktops and laptops
  • Business software and hardware
  • Cloud and VoIP technology



Business VoIP Solutions


You may want to look into different cloud and Business VoIP solutions which covers most needs mentioned above. The IT department will be of much help when it comes to the selection, purchase, setup, maintenance and monitoring of these technological tools.

Set up a Routine

A routine can put a structure similar to an office set up so that employees do not miss out on deadlines and meetings. Working from home amidst the COVID19 crisis can make people lose sleep and become anxious. It is important to support them not just in an office setup but on the psychological aspect as well.

You may also motivate employees to maintain routine sleeping habits and waking up. It is also important to encourage them to exercise and maintain good eating habits for them to stay healthy. Tell them that not working beyond normal office hours is also okay.

Provide the Right Tools

Office staff working from home may need all the amenities and equipment in order for them to be productive such as desktops and laptops, dual monitors, mobile phones, webcams, USB headsets, and other tools. Keep important contact numbers open in case they need to call someone important from the office. They must also have a designated office space setup in their homes even just a desk in the living room.

Encourage Close Interaction Among Employees

Not everyone enjoys working from home. Other employees will miss the regular office social interaction. Since a party or the usual weekend barbecue gathering is not possible during the quarantine or lockdown period, you must encourage your staff to interact through video call or video conferencing or by creating a chat group where everyone can participate. 

These are one of the ways to keep the morale and spirits of the employee high through these interactions. Managers and leaders can arrange various online team activities such as group online games, exchanging cooking recipes, among others. 

Open Up Communication

More than ever during this time of crisis, your staff needs all the support they can have from managers and office team leaders. They need all the praise and support they can have to lift their spirits and energy. Show them appreciation by regularly giving positive feedback and praises. Be flexible with their requests especially with regards to their work schedules and workload as they may need to attend to family matters