The Best Meads You Can Buy Online In 2020

Honey Mead

Honey mead, as the name suggests, is an alcoholic drink made from fermented honey by adding yeast. Nowadays, its resurgence can be felt everywhere as brewers are producing them again after wine and beer. Mead can be flavoured with different ingredients such as fruits, spices, herbs, and many more. It was said to be discovered in Northern China around 7,000 B.C. and considered a “Drink of the Gods” by other cultures such as the Greeks.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best brands of honey mead out there in the market.

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Some of the Best Brands of Mead


  • Redstone


Redstone is known to have some of the best lines of honey meads. Marketed in the US, it has different variations such as the sparkling meads to mead and hops fusions to high-end flavoured meads. Their most famous mead is the deliciously sweet black raspberry mead. 


  • Brother’s Drake


Based in Ohio, USA, Brother’s Drake has an interesting line of flavours. They have black licorice, bergamot blue, and the most well-known is the apple pie. Local bars have even produced their own cocktails to go with this brand of mead and you can check them online. 


  • Medovina


Aiming for the wine-drinking market, this brand bottles their mead very similar to wine bottles usually with a dark slim bottle. The flavours too are artfully crafted to suit the tastes of those who enjoy wine. Medovina produces classic honey mead, a lovely peach mead, and a very unique rose mead made from hand-picked rose petals.


  • Schramm’s


Still in the US, this brewery in Michigan produces mead that is of high quality and great-tasting. Their instant hit is the somewhat-cultish mead called The Heart of Darkness which is very famous. It’s so famous and highly in demand that it’s so hard to find it for sale. They have the black currant, cherry, and black raspberry flavours which you can sip slowly to enjoy its aromatic flavours. 

Where to Buy Mead Online

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