Carousel storage solutions

Office Storage Soultions

Best model

The machine model requires minimal maintenance schedules thus increasing your return on investment. The models ensure relatively low ownership cost thus making it very profitable.

Easy transportation of the machine.

This reduces costs associated with transporting such machines. Additionally, the machine had an extended working lifespan thus saving the cost that would be associated with buying new machines every time.

Efficient inventory management.

Due to the high technology embraced, stock damage is reduced thus reducing losses incurred in case of massive stock damages. Stock record taking is also enhanced since all materials are arranged according to the time they are received and the time they are supposed to be taken out.

Vertical shelving system

Vertical Crousal Storage Machine

Carousel Storage System installed with a footprint since they utilize any vertical space available for any item storage. This, in turn, ensures maximum utilization of all spaces available and thus saving on floor area. Various carousels models are available with some being customized to suit the client’s needs. This ensures that the customers get the best storage services thus ensuring efficient storage management. Maximum utilization of the space and high security of all stored items are some of the benefits the clients get from the storage carousels

Increased productivity.

Due to the enhanced retrieval of the stocks, it becomes easy to produce in bulk and store all the products safely. All items requiring to be retrenched or retrace are easily brought to the required height for easy loading to the trollers for transportation.

Reduced Workplace Injuries.

The use of advanced lifting technology, employees work in a forklift-free zine when retrieving stocks at the required height. This reduces the chances of accidents occurring or other risks that are associated with folk lifting.

Why choose carousel Australia.

Choose best Carousel Australia

By using the Hanel Lean-Lift means constant inventory status overview at any given time thus accurate control of all the stocks.

Assured return on investment resulting from the long service delivery with a low maintenance cost.

Customized control software for efficient storage management environments.

Customer support services from experience in over 28 years’ of service delivery

The Vertical Carousels Australia has a high storage capacity due to the installation of the Hnel which utilizes all the available room height. This means that the high costs of renting the space are utilized in an effective way. This saves time. The Hnel carousel enables retrieval of the services very easy due to the automation of the retrieval machines.

Efficient ergonomics.

Since no bending or climbing it requires means that walking for long distance searching for items is eliminated thus saving time. All filed demanded will be brought to the required place with a press of a button due to the automation of these systems.

Optimize parts Management.

The Hanel computerized control systems allow for communication with the host computer in the warehouse in the real-time communication thus you will know the stock condition at all the time. This overview of all the stock available will enable the management to monitor which stock is ready to be taken from the warehouse and which to be brought in.

Saving on floor space.

The machine model has a design that is able to occupy the vertical space thus minimizing the floor area. Lifts rising to over 20 m high are available thus enabling efficient handling of items in the warehouse.