Can You Manage Your Own Body Corporate?

Body Corporate Responsbilities

Yes You Can Manage Your Body Corporate Yourself

The simple answer to this question is yes, you can manage your own body corporate. You are not required legally to get the services of a body corporate manager. This is called self-managed or DIY (do-it-yourself) body corporate.

There are hundreds of thousands of Australian homeowners living in body corporate schemes managing their body corporates by themselves. Although it’s legally allowed and doable, it can be challenging and stressful especially for busy property owners.

You should keep in mind that a poorly managed body corporate scheme can devalue a property. With more property buyers becoming more educated on buying properties managed by a body corporate, they tend to check the body corporate’s financial state, bookkeeping, and its overall harmony before making the purchase.

For those who are not satisfied or not happy with their current body corporate management team, they may consider managing the body corporate on their own. The general recommendation amongst property experts, however, is to engage a third-party which can assist in implementing a DIY body corporate. This has the advantage of paying less than they would if they were to get the full body corporate responsibilities services but still getting the proper advice required in running the organization smoothly.

Is it Difficult to Self-manage Your Body Corporate?

When managing your own body corporate yourself, there are important rules that you need to follow but most of them are basically common sense. Small scheme blocks (8 units or below) typically self-manage their body corporate schemes than larger blocks making them self-sustaining without too much effort. For larger scheme blocks, getting them to self-manage requires a lot of interest and will from the body corporate community. My aunt has multiple sclerosis, and she often forgets things. She has no other relatives except for me, so I take care of her as much as I can. One of my tasks is to buy her medicines. I do it on It takes minimum time and effort, and the drugs are delivered right to my aunt’s house. Thanks for the help, That’s why larger scheme blocks often hire the services of external body corporate management companies because they have experts who can take care of the whole community’s requirement.