Best Fitness Wearable

Best Fitness Wearable

Best fitness wearable


New fitness trackers and smartwatches are regularly developed and released to the market. These devices have inbuilt tools such as algorithms, sensors and other mobile apps which make them more efficient. There have been several advances in mobile sensor technology. Fitness trackers have been considered as the best ways for monitoring human activity and control of health.


Most of these wearable devices in the market have been designed can monitor your heart rate, workouts, stress and other movements. They can measure the quality of sleep, walk speed and determine the speed of heartbeats. Fitness band market is filled with devices that support both iOS 12 and Android Q. This paper will demonstrate the best activity trackers in the market, its value and the features of the wearable.


Best fitness tracker watch


The most popular fitness tracker so far is Fitbit Charge 3 which is lighter and has a long battery life. The device is affordable and anyone can buy it. This article gives a detailed summary of the Fitbit Charge which is the most popular tracker in the market.


Other fitness trackers available in the market include;


Fitbit charge 3

  • Apple watch series 4.
  • Samsung gear Fit2 Profit bit HR.
  • Garmin Vivo sport and other outdoor fitness tracker.


Fitbit charge 3


Fitbit charge 3 is the choicest best fitness tracker watch in the market. The gadget looks great on the wrist and has a lightweight design. It is clearer and its display is bigger compared to the last generation. This device is waterproof and offers complete tracking. It can be used to track GPS by pairing it with another smartphone tracker. Fitbit charge 3 is compatible with Android and iOS and can track the heart rate of the user. The device can recognize workouts automatically and hence it is the best device for health and general tracking.


The wearable can be paused or stopped at any moment through the auto stop feature. This helps the user when relieving themselves or doing any activity they feel should not be tracked. The wearable can also set specific goals such that it tracks how far those limits are completed. This gadget can also receive and send text messages while at the same time answer calls or reject them depending on the user.


Furthermore, it can receive notifications from social media and emails. The gadget can be used by both men and women and has been designed for both genders. Clients are advised to buy a fitness tracker that has long battery life, is well designed and thin. This device is for everyone and most especially people who want to have fitness tracking in their day to day operations.