The Sydney Tower Eye

Often reffered by Sydneysiders as Sydney Tower, The Centerpoint Tower, The AMP Tower, The Sydney Sky Tower or Westfield Centerpoint Tower is the well-known Sydney Tower Eye. It has been an important part of the famous Sydney skyline for 30 years and considered as one of the iconic Sydney landmark. In late 1970’s the construction of Sydney Tower Centerpoint shopping began and in 1972 the first 52 shops open. In 1972, the office and the final stage of the complex were completed. In August 1981, the Sydney Tower was opened to the public.

Sydney Tower ranked as one of the safest and has the striking design buildings in the world. The tower made capable of withstanding earthquakes and extreme wind conditions.

Some facts that you should know about Sydney Tower:
1. Golden turret has 960 persons capacity and two levels of restaurants

  1. The Sydney Tower height from the bottom to tip is 309 meters
  2. The 56 cables stabilize the tower
  3. There are spire you will see above the Tower, used for telecommunications and navigation purposes.
  4. Opposite to popular belief, it was never officially named as Centrepoint Tower
  5. Sydney Tower first to see the Sydney dawn, and then the last to see its final dusk
  6. The SKYWALK was constructed at the top of Sydney Tower in year 2005 cost of almost $4 millions.

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