Courier Service: a New Business Venture

Do you have a truck or van? Perhaps you can use it for a nice business like a courier service. There might be some doubts in your mind about this but let me give you some reasons why you can pursue this business.

If you are into traveling or driving, and you still do not know where to use your truck or van, then this might be the time for you and your wheels. Actually, you do not need to work the whole week. It is some kind of freelance. You can just commit one day a week if you want to. If you wonder how you are going to this, you can check out as they open an opportunity for you to do this with just six major requirements. This is because you can actually partner with them.

So what are the six steps? First you need to ensure them of your reliability and integrity. This is very important since people are going to entrust you with their important stuffs. The second requirement is age, which should be at least 21 years. The next requirement is to have a good phone, maybe iPhone or Android, which you will use for receiving booking and tracking when delivering. The other requirement is the one I have mentioned earlier, which is for you to commit at least one day per week to work. The last thing to have is to be checked by the Australian Federal Police.

Same Day Express is powered by Zoom2u Courier. You can check out the rest of the details by browsing their website or directly to this page.

Become a courier