Surprise Audit Visits in Aged Care Homes Revealed Dismal Conditions of Residents in Some Facilities

More than 80% of aged care homes failed the standard tests in the past year, according to data from the Australian Aged Care Compliance Agency.

Following the declaration of Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt of a “new era of aged-care safety and quality,” surprise audits have been carried out to over 2,700 aged-care homes across all of Australia.

If care homes have been given notice about an audit in the past, this is no longer the case. Wyatt has made it clear that homes are no longer informed about the date of the re-accreditation.

“There will be no compromise. Audit teams will arrive at any time to monitor and ensure the provision of safe, quality care 365 days of the year.”


What brought about the surprise audits on aged care residences?

The national auditor launched a crackdown when Chief Psychiatrist of South Australia reported systemic abuse of residents at Oakden. This sparked a series of investigations that revealed many oversights of responsibilities.

Ark Health Care Parramatta in Sydney’s west, on the other hand, failed 43 out of the 44 expected outcomes specified in the Accreditation Standards. This means residents were “at serious risk.” They don’t have easy access to drinking water and are at risk of being assaulted by others.

For aged care homes to maintain approval for government funding, they must comply with four standards outlined in the Quality of Care Principles 2014.


What will happen during an audit?

  • The audit teams are required to meet at least 10% of home care recipients for an interview.
  • Consumer Experience Interviews will be conducted with a minimum number of sample residents picked randomly.
  • Families will be given an opportunity to provide feedback.
  • Aged care residents will be encouraged to provide feedback.

Together with the outcomes of the audits, the results of the interviews will be published on the Quality Agency website.

As what Wyatt said, “This is about certainty and confidence for older Australians and families whose loved ones are receiving care.”

9 homes have already lost their accreditation following unannounced assessment visits that started 1 July 2018.


What are the standards that residential aged care meet?

(Image from Pixabay)

Aged care homes must comply with four standards that consist of a total of 44 expected outcomes.

  • Standard 1 focuses on the management systems, organisational development, and staffing.
  • Standard 2 focuses on health and personal care of aged care residents.
  • Standard 3 focuses on the lifestyle of care recipients.
  • Standard 4 focuses on the physical environment where residents are in and the safe systems in place.

From these standards, 44 required outcomes must be met which include clinical care, hygiene, nutrition, dignity, privacy, security, and adequate provision of qualified staff.   

Home cares must also comply with 3 common standards–effective management, appropriate access and service delivery, and service user rights and responsibilities.  


Why should you care?

Choosing an aged care residence is not something that is taken lightly. You put effort into choosing the best facility for you or a loved one.

But if you are unaware of the standards and the features that make a suitable and reliable care home, you could be living in a home that puts you at risk.  

It is vital that you know what goes with high-quality age care Melbourne has or other parts of Australia. It should not be a mere claim or a running description on a banner ad. High quality should be evident in every aspect of senior care, respite care, home care, and other services that a resident offers.

Choose Arcare

Arcare residential aged care facilities are fully accredited by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency. All their care employees have a minimum Certificate III qualification in aged care and all their nursing employees are registered with the Australian Health Professionals Registration Agency.

With Arcare you’re guaranteed high-quality services, including 24-hour nursing care, permanent care, respite care, and ageing in place.  


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