Days in Sydney

In 3 days or more how are going to spend your Sydney tour? What are you going to do for the chance that you have to maximize your days in Sydney? It is great if arrange well your tour. Make a list of the places that you really want to visit. If you are going to Sydney, it is a must that you do a priority list. Sydney has a lot of beautiful places you need to explore and enjoy. Why not start your Sydney tour by hugging the Harbor Bridge? Explore the the bridge, the stunning beaches and the inner city precincts of this bubbly city. From the top of the Harbor Bridge, you have the chance to witness the breaking dawn or the sun set on the Opera House.

Around the harbor wander is the cobblestone cul-de-sacs then try the weekend markets in The Rocks, it is the historic precinct where city of Sydney began. You can go up to the bridge and take a ferry to the zoo. Complete your first day with the iconic Opera House. Next, explore Sydney’s stunning beaches, take a bus to Bondi Beach, where you can swim, surf, or sign up for a surf lesson or just take in the view from the grassy hills. Take the ferry to Manly Beach, you can also try to walk from Bondi Beach to Bronte Beach just along the wonderful sea cliffs or try to unwind in a beer garden with views in Watsons Bay

Try also the nice dine along the Woolloomooloo finger wharf, dance along the new developed wharves of Walsh Bay or experience the theatre. Spend your last day indulging at their amazing wineries, restaurants or day spas of the Hunter Valley. Take also the best Sydney Hotel accommodation just around the area.


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